Sunday, September 13, 2009

da SimpLe thiNg tat i av dOne

if you find life onE long, hard struggle, it cud be party bcoz u r a serial non takEr? hUrmZ am i?

LOok arOund yOu der r peOple reaDy tO help. YOu juz tO learN to takE wut they aV to give. bUt sumtimes i can staNd by mysElf. i can load thEm myself if i gOt any trOuble.i duN need heLp.,im nOt childiSh, buT even a littLe help make me feel lyke a baby.So hOw cud I be a matUre wOman??

sOmTimes i thiNk, hOw tO make smarter miStakes? im sO afraid of failing my takE da cOnservatIve rOute every stEp of dA way.

if ur noT making mistakes, ur not takIng risks and tat means ur not gOin anywhere.

i noE diz doesnt mean tO me shOuld adOpt a deviL-may -caRe attitude, n i neVer afraid to take risks anD learN from da consequeNces. i'll can handle by my self if av trOuble withOut woRry for anyone.

somtimes i thought, im not a gud woman. NobodY perfect rite?i waNna be a smarter n perfect woman in oTher sight.

,,urmz, deep in mY heaRt , der's kind burnIng.. i can sense tat luv is near.,,
anD One day, i gfOund sumoNe who chEer up my life. he really kinds and cares of me. he owEyz be der fOr me wen i gOT any trOuble...

nOw i realize tat, he gives me a new spirit n make me smile againn..sO wonderFuL Life, fullfill wut i've never get beforE.Learn me hOw tO be a gud sTudent. huiii,so funny huh wen hear tat.,. neVer give up.,,agaIn and again he tried to gimmE any ideas, moTivate,wit hOpe i'll succeed n get flyinG coloRs in my stdy.

he oweyz reminds me" dun fOrget study my dear!!! dun be lazy okay."

ill try' my best cnnot hurthis heart. juz wanna mke him epy . may God bless we alwitz,,. amin.

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