Thursday, February 17, 2011


terasa macam2 nak makan... wlpon kt surabaya nih ade mcd , kfc , pizza. tetap jugak la xsama dy nyer pawn apetah lagi sgt2 la xsama..owng kata xde nikmat..xde ummmphh!!!...ngee~

uaran dy pergghh.. memang memukau lar.. apesal lar kfc kt indon nh xsrupe nga KFC Msia ea?? heraaaann sejenak..??!..
ermn..lambatnye lar nk cuti ..xsbar nak blk nak baham sume mkanan kt Mesia..wargghh!!!

I'm lovin' it!

ape ea menu baru dari Mcd...??
kan sempena chnese new year heboh2 la kat cni dgn prosperity burger...tup-tuuuppp... gini je ea rupanya, lagi kalo makan, walah..xde nikmat lgsung ar..

see.. prosperity nih memang memuaku mata memandang ar, sekali tgk nk bli 10..kalo da mkn xtaw la bli byk mne...heheee..Msia memng Heaven lar...i love Msia..

Friday, February 4, 2011

Breast Cancer and Lifestyle

1 dari 8 wanita berisiko mendapat kanser payudara dengan perubahan gaya hidup masa kini

50 ribu wanita di diagnosis kanser payudara setiap tahun

One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime and the rate is rising, alarming figures show.Scientists blame obesity, alcohol and the growing tendency to delay motherhood for record levels of the disease.

Experts describe the figures as a ‘wake-up call’ and say thousands could avoid the disease if they drank less, maintained a healthy weight and took more exercise.

The rise has also been blamed on the fact that increasing numbers are delaying motherhood and consequently having fewer children. The figures show that there are now 124 cases per 100,000 women, twice as many as any other type of cancer.

Scientists believe some forms of breast cancer are triggered by the sex hormone oestrogen, which is linked to obesity, alcohol consumption, having fewer children and not breastfeeding

They also blame hormone replacement therapy taken by millions every year to combat the symptoms of the menopause.Doctors believe many tumours are caused by unhealthy lifestyles and are urging women to change their eating and drinking habits, particularly during the menopause.

Probable causes: Experts blame lifestyle choices such as alcohol and obesity, along with a growing wish to put off motherhood, for the spike in cancer rates.Research has found that obesity increases the risk of breast cancer after the menopause by up to 30 per cent. The overweight are also more likely to develop tumours.

Fat cells produce oestrogen and levels of this cancer-triggering hormone can be twice as high in obese women as those of a healthy weight.

Alcohol is also thought to raise the levels of oestrogen. Previous studies have shown that drinking even only one glass of wine a day can raise the risk of breast cancer by a fifth.

Women may also be increasing their risk by having fewer children, or none at all, because the levels of oestrogen decline during pregnancy. Those who delay motherhood and consequently have fewer babies will be exposed to oestrogen for a higher proportion of their lives.

The risk is elevated further because breast-feeding has been shown to protect against the tumours as it lowers the level of oestrogen and other hormone

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

my life as doktor muda @ co-ass..

Stat my duty as co~ass di hospital doktor soetomo, surabaya since march 2010 till september 2011.. InsyaAllah abez stdy on tyme.. Ameen..~klo x pawn xpe la, kna more struggle la jwbnya..keje sbgai doktor nh sperti art..cuma beza dri segi alur dy je la..

Duty plng best ever is kat surgery department.. Bcause kt stu byk sgt pngalam such as jd ass doctor di operation room..waah, so amazing ..tgk live operation , siap ley jd assistant lg tu..jam 3 pgi , 4 pgi smpai 2-3jam berdiri smpai operation slesai.. Hmm, pgalaman best yg len plak dpt pgang gnting..ehehe.. Nh bkn gunting biase, tp 'gunting'/scissor 2k menjahit so damn hepi bler dpt 'hecting'..wlpon hecting yg biase je, luka kecil2 kt kulit muka tangan, kaki..n sedey sgt kalo tyme tu xdpt peluang hecting..

Nw da msok obstetri department.. Baru 2mggu..pengalaman lom byk..juz bru yg biasa2, like leopod, djj,Nst n tgk px bersalin..nxt week masok ginekologi hope sgt dpt lakukan kuretase pd patient yg abortion ke.. N klo msok VK dpt mjhit luka aftr bErsalin.. Sgt2 xsbr.. Yg paling dinantikn nk p Rmah sakit Suwandi. Kt cne Doctor muda yg kna jd doc kt ctu. Mnolong patient mlahirkn baby. Uhuu. Cuak tetap ade, keinginan sgt tinggi, so aq optimis n smgt,insyaAllah blh..yeahzaa..I can do da best ...

Okay let's share wut you need to know about health..he..he..

Okey ..nh sal hipertensi pada wanita hamil..
Hipertensi pada wanita hamil terdiri dri 4 jenis:
1. Hipertensi kronis
3.Superimposed Hipertension -preeklamsia berat
4.Gestational hipertension

must know the signs of each type..
chronic hypertension......{ Blood pressure >/= 140/90 b4 hamil or hamil 20mggu.}
{ Hipertensi >20weeks & tetap ada after 12mggu postpartum.}

Eklampsia -preeklampsi
»Eklampsia: ada kejang
»Preeklmpsia: minimal blood pressure more than 140/90 dgn hamil lebih 20mggu dan proteinuria. lebih atau sama dgn 300mg/24jam atau lbh atau sama dgn +1 dipstick
»Preeklampsia berat: blood pressure lbh atau sma dgn 160/110
Proteinuria lbh atau sma dgn 2g/24jm atau lbh +2dipstick
PLT < 100.000/mm3
Hellp syndrome
LFT n LDH increase
Nyeri kepala menetap/ ggn cerebral/ggguan visus
Nyeri di epigastrium
( Salah 1 je dr simptom nh, da ley tegakkn diagnose.). ..

Ouw feel so sleepy..I gotta my bed..hehehehe.. Nnt free smbg lgik.. Nytez
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