Friday, December 31, 2010

health smart

#Diabetes Awareness.#
If u're diagnosed wit Type 2 diabetes, that confirm your doctor will almost certainly tell you to lose weight..So the healhiest ways to lose weight are to eat a balanced diet wit fewer calories than normal daily intake n also do not forget to increase physical activity such as jogging, brisk walking,cycling or swimming, at least five times a week.

What kinds of food are safe for you?.. So let's identified a better way of eating;
1. Eat more of these (^_~)
Fish, poultry,beans
Extra virgin olive oil or other vegetb oils (soybean or canola)
Walnuts or other nuts,sunflower n pumpkin seeds,olives
Fresh fruit
Eggs,feta,goat's cheeses
Steamed with herbs and drizzled with olive oil

2. Eat less of these
Beef,lamb(to non muslim who got diabetes plz less eat pork)
Low-fat crackers,chips
Reduced -fat biscuits
Egg substitute,fat-free yogurt,reduced-fat cheesbaked potatoes,white bread,rice

Healty is so cheap if you really want it..just eat what must help you from suffered,and alwaysdo non stop healty exercise..

Remember that medication not always the first choice,but choose medication with exercise and a nutrient -rich diet..
Good luck!
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